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Critical Illness Cover

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical Illness insurance is cover that is designed to provide a tax-free lump sum in the event of you being diagnosed with a serious illness. Depending on the provider, the conditions covered and the severity of the diagnosis may vary in the event of making a claim. You can use the payout for whatever you like, whether it be for private healthcare, jumping the NHS waiting list, clearing your mortgage, covering the costs of being off work or modifying your home. There is no fixed amount or right or wrong amount of cover.


Things to Consider: 

  • How much cover do you need?

  • What type of cover is most suitable?  

  • How much is your monthly budget for protection?

  • Do you need children’s critical illness cover?

  • Have you got a large amount of savings or family support you could rely on instead?

  • Can you get cover through your employment scheme?

Benefits of Using J&M Green Mortgage Services:

  • We have a comprehensive range of providers with multiple product options which we will talk you through and make a recommendation from that is tailored to yours and your family’s needs.


  • We have access to the country’s leading insurance providers and can discuss your application before submission to obtain a potential outcome before submission.


  • A lot of providers now have multi-layered cover, with upgraded conditions, partial conditions, children’s cover and other benefits that can be bolted on - we will talk through all the options and find the exact policy that suits your needs and budget.


  • If you already have existing critical illness cover in place, we will run a detailed comparison report of your current cover against any potential new cover so you can clearly see the pros and cons of replacing your cover.


  • We do not charge a fee for our professional insurance advice and discuss it with all our clients on no obligation basis so they can make an informed decision.


  • Should, heaven forbid, you ever need to claim on your insurance, we will assist you with the claims process and be by your side every step of the way.

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