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Right to Buy/ Acquire Mortgages Liverpool

What is a Right to Buy/ Acquire Mortgage

A Right to Buy Mortgage is where you purchase a local authority owned property that you have lived in for a set amount of time at a discounted price. Typically, the longer you’ve lived in the property, the larger the discount you will receive. A Right to Acquire mortgage works on a similar basis however the typical discount is set at £9,000 and is usually involving a purchase from a housing association rather than the local council.


Things to Consider:
  • Every person named on the tenancy agreement must be named on the mortgage.

  • Improvements you’ve made to your home can be offset against the purchase price to increase your discount.

  • If one of the applicants is older / retired, this could impact the length of time you can borrow the mortgage over.

  • If you sell the house within 5yrs of buying, you will need to repay part of the discount you have received.

  • You can use your discount solely as your deposit so in most instances you won’t need your own deposit.

  • You might be able to borrow funds from the discount amount in your initial purchase mortgage for home improvements in your home.

​Benefits of Using J&M Green Mortgage Services:
  • We will assist you with the Right to Buy application once we have established that a mortgage is available for you.

  • We will liaise with the local authority and solicitors on your behalf throughout the process to make sure everything is moving within the required timescales.

  • We have access to lenders who can potentially ignore the age of applicants if you are purchasing with a parent or grandparent allowing for a long term mortgage.

  • We can provide supporting evidence to your mortgage lender to help approve lending for home improvements out of our discount allowance.

  • We have close links with the local authority and housing associations across Merseyside to assist with any issues that may arise. 

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