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Home Insurance

What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance is generally split into 2 main types of cover - buildings insurance and contents insurance. Typically, most providers classify contents insurance as everything that would fall out if you turned your home upside down, and buildings insurance is what would be left behind, but there are several other aspects to consider. Buildings insurance is the only mandatory insurance you need alongside a mortgage.


Things to Consider: 

  • Does your building insurance policy meet your mortgage lender’s requirements?

  • Do you have any high value items in your home?  

  • Do you want to cover any items away from the home such as jewellery or watches?

  • Portable items such as laptops, cameras, tablets and phones aren’t typically covered under standard contents policies so need to be added separately to your cover.

  • Do you have any previous claims?

  • Is your house a main residence or a buy to let property?

Benefits of Using J&M Green Mortgage Services:

  • We will ensure that your cover meets all of your mortgage lenders requirements, and send across all the appropriate paperwork your conveyancer requires to satisfy the lender and exchange contracts.

  • We will talk you through the additional options with home insurance such as accidental damage, legal protection, home emergency cover and personal posessions away from the home.

  • We work solely with the leading 5* insurers to help guarantee a positive claims outcome and ensure that the cover meets all your need when you need it most.

  • Even if you arrange your own cover, we will help you compare it against the leading providers so you can be sure it is a suitable policy you are going for.

  • For buy to let properties, we will assist with your landlords insurance and talk you through the options you need to consider that are different from residential home insurance.

  • With some of our providers, when we arrange your cover as opposed to you arranging it directly, you will benefit from free additional extras such as home emergency cover.

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