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Remortgages Liverpool

Where to Begin?

What is a Remortgage?

Many people coming to the end of their current mortgage product aren’t aware of all the options available to them. A Remortgage is when you borrow funds from a new lender to pay off the mortgage with your current lender. The main reason for remortgaging is to secure the best possible deal, however there are various other reasons to remortgage such as to raise funds for home improvements or for debt consolidation.


Things to Consider:

  • How long is left on your current mortgage product rate?

  • Have you checked the deals with your current lender?

  • Do you want to raise any additional funds?

  • Do you have any plans to move house in the near future?

  • What is your house potentially worth now?

  • Do you have any other charges on your property such as help to buy?

​Benefits of Using J&M Green Mortgage Services:
  • We will assess all your available options, both with your current lender and from the open market.

  • Mortgage offers typically last 6 months, so we start the process 6 months before your current deal ends, so we can secure a new deal as early as possible in case rates increase.

  • Once your application is submitted and product is secured, we will monitor mortgage products right up to completion and change the product if a better deal comes along.

  • We have an extensive panel of remortgage solicitors we get discounted fees with, and will assist you with the process and paperwork where required.

  • If you have a 2nd charge in place or wish to staircase on shared ownership for example, we will assist with the whole process of redeeming your help to buy or purchasing additional property share.

  • We have client management software for all our clients that will prompt you when it’s time to start the remortgage process at the optimum time, so you don’t need to worry about when to start your new mortgage process, you will get an email reminder from your adviser and can simply request a call from us.

  • If you are raising funds for any reason at all, we will  explore all your options such as unsecured borrowing, 2nd charges with another lender or a further loan with your current lender, to make sure you choose the most suitable way of arranging the additional finance.

  • If you are raising funds for debt consolidation, we will carry out detailed assessments of the long term costs, implications and suitability of paying off debts with a mortgage, and provide day to day advice on how to stay on top of your finances moving forward.

  • You can raise funds on remortgages for many reasons, however some lenders have more restrictive criteria than others, so we can guide you through all the options to find the most suitable lender for you.

  • We can process remortgages in far quicker times than banks and most other brokers due to the industry connections we have - our current record is 11 days from first phone call enquiry to mortgage completion.

Enquire Today

Evening appointments available - we are happy to work to a time that suits our clients!

Alternatively, Call us on: 01512300909 or pop in to our offices at 13 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 1LG

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L18 1LG.


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