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Product Transfers Liverpool

If you are coming to the end of your mortgage product and do not want or need to switch lenders, then completing a product transfer with your current lender is the quickest and easiest option. This will start a new mortgage product at the end of your current one, and can either be a fixed rate, tracker or discounted product, depending what is on offer from your lender.


Things to Consider:
  • How long is left on your current mortgage product rate?

  • Have you checked the deals with other lenders?

  • Do you have any plans to move house in the near future?

  • Do you want to raise any additional funds?

  • Product transfers are quicker and easier than a full remortgage to a new lender

  • Product transfers don’t include any affordability or credit checks from your current lender

​Benefits of Using J&M Green Mortgage Services:
  • Should the best option be to stick with your current lender and go for a product transfer, we will advise you and process this completely free of charge for you. 

  • Once submitted, we will monitor products with your lender until your new rate begins, and should any better deals be released, we will resubmit your product transfer to make sure you always have the best available rate.

  • Not all lenders offer more specialist products such as trackers or no early repayment charge products, so we will advise the most suitable options just in case your lender doesn’t offer what you need.

  • Some lenders only offer product transfers through brokers like us, so we may have access to products you can’t access directly yourself with certain lenders.

  • We will provide various options such as 2yr, 3yr, 5yr and 10yr fixed rate options, and advise you in line with current economic rate forecasts and your personal preferences to tailor a recommendation to your circumstances.

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Evening appointments available - we are happy to work to a time that suits our clients!

Alternatively, Call us on: 01512300909 or pop in to our offices at 13 Allerton Road, Liverpool, L18 1LG

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